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Join four world-class leaders Richard Maloney, Mark C Thompson, Brad Sugars and Dr Marshall Goldsmith exploring solutions to the silent problem of employee disengagement and sharing methods for reenergising your workplace.

Learn the potential growth and profit that can be unlocked by boosting employee engagement, and the pitfalls of ignoring problems.

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Rich is the founder and CEO of Engage & Grow, and he’s no stranger to the benefits that come with a fully engaged workforce.

Mark C Thompson, New York Times best-selling author and keynote speaker. Mark joins our videobook to reveal his own experience and techniques for employee engagement to maximise growth.

Brad Sugars brings his invaluable insight to this videobook with his expertise as the recognised number one small business coach in the world.

Have you met Dr Marshall Goldsmith? New York Times best-seller and world class engagement expert, you’ll get to know all of his insights in this course.