Top 7 Signs of a Productive Employee

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Engaged employees are more productive and produce higher quality work as they are invested in and connected to the outcomes.  For your company this means increased profits and an energised workplace.

The unfortunate truth is only 13% of employees* worldwide are engaged.  So how do you know when your staff are engaged?  What signs should you look for and what should you do when employees start checking out mentally?

  1. Go above and beyond their job description

People who are invested in their work and want to develop their skills and careers don’t stick themselves in a box and restrict their tasks to only what matches their job description. If you see a staff member agreeing to new and interesting tasks, it’s a sign they’re engaged.

  1. Positive employees

While it’s impossible to be happy 100% of the time, engaged employees come into work with a positive attitude more often than not. They’re positive attitude rubs off on their coworkers.  They always participate in conversations, team building and lunches. On the other hand, disengaged staff will show signs of stress, or exude boredom.

  1. Money isn’t everything

Engaged employees are after more than just a payslip, they find satisfaction in more than just the money and value things like skills development, learning and working and connecting with their team.

  1. Think and speak highly of the company

When asked about their job or workplace, engaged employees don’t hesitate to give it a positive review.

  1. Feel Supported

One of the number one reasons employees leave jobs is because they’re not happy with the leadership. Conversely, they stay in roles because they are supported and listened to if problems do arise.

  1. Express their opinions

If staff are engaged in their work, they are committed to making progress, they’ll raise their opinions when it’s relevant – whether that’s in meetings or otherwise. If they are interested in seeing the company succeed, they’ll put their mind to making this happen.

  1. Engaged employees

It’s not unusual for staff to become disengaged – it’s only natural. If this period stretches on for a long time, it can signal other issues that need to be addressed.

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